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Natasha Achilleos 

Naturopathy & Nutrition

Registered Naturopath & Nutritionist

Due to the Covid Pandemic I am currently conducting virtual consultations 

Have you been diagnosed with IBS or been struggling with digestive issues like reflux, nausea, constipation, discomfort and sensitivities and would like to get to the root of your symptoms?

Have you been diagnosed with an hormonal condition or struggle with hormonal balance throughout your cycle? Do you want to know more about how to manage symptoms related to entering new phases of your life like the peri-menopause and menopause?

Are you been struggling with fatigue, long term stress, disrupted sleep cycles, insomnia, anxiety, mood changes, stubborn weight changes, hair loss and skin integrity or increased sensitivity and feel like you have lost your sparkle, energy and resilience?


Hello, I'm Natasha. I adopt functional medicine protocols in my practice, employing the latest research in nutritional science and biochemistry, with the holistic principles of naturopathy and a specialized interest in gut and hormone health.

Poor or compromised gut health, nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, lifestyle factors like poor sleep, environmental and chemical toxins and long term stress, lie at the heart of many health problems and can be contributing factors in hormonal issues, fatigue, low energy, stubborn weight changes, digestive conditions, and poor or unregulated immunity. As we work together we will begin to unravel concerns, get to the root of your symptoms and integrate steps which enable you to achieve greater balance and vitality in your life. Get in touch to get started.

My 'Liver Support & Detox for Healthier Hormones' meal plan program, has been developed using foods and nutrients which directly support liver function and healthy hormone metabolism. Not only that, but it provides the nutrients our gut loves, which aids and assists the liver by increasing beneficial gut flora, reducing inflammation and internal toxins and improving sluggish digestive symptoms, like bloating and constipation. If you are interested in how to reduce liver stagnation and how to reduce your toxin load with the use of diet, targeted nutrients and lifestyle tweaks, then click on 'Meal Plans & Programs' to find out more. 

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My blog articles give additional education as to how you can look after your hormones, improve gut health, build and regulate immune strength, reduce toxin load, take care of your overall health and feel great. 

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Full Blog or Click on a Selection of my Blog Articles below

Are You Ready for a Change?

I am passionate about natural health and holistic ways of living and  am very interested in how nutrients and compounds found in plants and our food, can change our biochemical pathways, support our genetics and 'switch' on our innate healing process. By learning how to support our health and getting to the root of any issues, our bodies are truly capable of doing amazing things on their own. 

Thank you for getting in touch


* Any information I give you is not to be used in isolation or separate from any allopathic treatment you are currently having.  You must not decrease or stop any medication you have been prescribed unless informed by your GP or consultant.

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