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"Natasha was so lovely and helpful from the moment I contacted her, and immediately treated me with optimal care and interest. Natasha knew so much about symptoms that no doctor could understand and gave me so much support in resolving them effectively. Even after our time together she supported me with contact to my doctor" - Megan

"Natasha has supported me through some serious health concerns. She gave me crucial advice and guidance at an imperative time". - Chris

"I received a professional, timely, friendly and holistic service from Natasha, really pleased. Thank you" - Wren

"I have been worried about my health for a few years and had seen several health practitioners to see if they could help me. I was starting to think that no one could help me until I met Natasha. She has helped me so much and in such a short space of time. With her help and guidance on diet and supplements she has treated my anxiety, bad moods, bloating, weight, candida and various other symptoms. I would highly recommend Natasha to anyone who would like help with any health issues" - Laura

"I was going through a hard time with my health and a family friend recommended I talk to Natasha. She gave me immediate recommendations followed by a treatment plan. Natasha supported in a very natural way and has always been very patient and understanding concerning my worries. Her suggestions included recipes aimed at my condition along with a stress reduction plan. She also gave advice about my test results and how to address these. I noted improvements in my symptoms and received a positive response in my test results. My health has improved and I am very pleased" - Olga

"I had the pleasure to meet Natasha about few months ago when I was having problem with acid reflex. For long time Iv'e tried so many different diets and always failed. My acidity got so bad I couldn't eat or drink even healthy food was giving trouble. Natasha helped me to learn how to understand the food I eat and how my body works with this food. I wasn't on any restrictive diet, just needed to be cautious with the food choices to make sure keep my acidity level under control. Now I'm pleased to say I'm feeling much better. Natasha is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and anything to do with health. I would highly recommend her to anybody who wants to live a healthy life" - Saba


"Thank you to Natasha for helped me to improve my health. She’s very friendly and she is good in everything is doing . I would recommend 100%" - Claudia


"I went to see Natasha because I’m suffering with acid reflux and urine infection for over 3-4 years and other problems. Natasha has helped me with the right foods and supplements, she is very knowledgeable and l highly recommend her" - Rosanna

"Very happy with the service I received from Natasha, I found her to be very thorough. A plan was devised to suit me, tweaking if necessary on my follow-up appointments. I learnt a lot about various foods, supplementation to include in my diet to help combat my symptoms. Very pleased with the results, definitely would recommend" - Melanie

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