Everyone is unique and we all have different understandings of what health means to each of us. 


For some it may resolving or alleviating a chronic condition and managing symptoms, others it may be advice and support and for others it may be a general health MOT.  For example, learning how to regulate your blood sugar can result in increased satiety, better mood, sleep, increased energy, weight loss and prevention of metabolic conditions like diabetes, hormonal imbalances and cardiovascular problems.

I use the functional medicine model, which is a client focused, whole body systems orientated approach that combines an holistic ethos with functional medicine testing, nutraceuticals with the use of real foods and or therapeutic levels of supplements (if appropriate).  It looks at the root cause of disease, uses interventions which are at the fingertips of everyone and provides a framework to look at the person as unique and as an individual. 

Nutritional therapy is classed as a complementary medicine and as such it can support chronic conditions, act as an preventative strategy, improve physical, emotional and psychological issues and greatly improves general health, energy levels and resilience.

How can it help you? Whether you are going through transitions or changes in your life, want to generally feel better or are feeling below par, have constant colds, infections or 'niggles' that never seem to go away, digestive issues, skin inflammation, are training for an event, suffer aches or pains, have a 'lifestyle' condition like diabetes or high cholesterol or lipids, an autoimmune condition, simply want to overhaul your diet or are preparing for pregnancy, nutritional therapy gives you the support and knowledge to guide you through your journey.

What to Expect from a Consultation

The Consultation Process

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