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Preparing for the Consultation

When you book an appointment with me, you will be emailed a pre-consultation questionnaire and a 3 days food and drink diary which are to be completed and returned back to me at least 48 hours before our session.  This allows me to make the most of your consultation time.  

If you have any test results from the previous 6 months i.e. blood tests, stool sample, thyroid markers or DNA tests can you email these back to me with the completed questionnaire.  When you attend the appointment, please bring with you any current medications, supplements or other i.e. herbal formulas you are taking. These also need to be documented on the returned form. This is very important to prevent possible interactions and contraindications with food groups, herbs or nutritional supplements.


The initial consultation

The first appointment will last up to 90 minutes.

At our first consultation we will establish your therapeutic goals, what you are hoping to achieve based on the information given on the form and from our discussion when we meet and agreements with regards to contacting other health professionals (i.e. GP, other practitioners/therapists).

I may also take your blood pressure, look at your tongue and nails and may take anthropometric measurements like weight, height and waist to hip ratio if these are pertinent to the session.

Within 2 days of the consultation I will provide you with a personalised nutrition plan that will also address lifestyle, pre-existing medical conditions, medications and your medical history.  A supplemental protocol, recommended diagnostic tests and referrals to other healthcare practitioners will also be included if appropriate to the case.

Follow Up

Most follow up appointments will be arranged 4 weeks after the initial consultation (this will be agreed between us) and will last 50 minutes to 1 hour.  Here we will assess your progress, discuss anything new and make adjustments to your plan, supplementation protocol, test results, and incorporate new goals into your plan.

How long will it take to see and/or feel a difference?

Naturopathy and Nutritionally therapy are not the usual 'quick fixes' and of course it depends on what you are trying to solve, but resolving health naturally and the length of time it will take very much depends on how committed you are with the plan and you being an active participant in implementing the strategies agreed upon during our time together.

Cancellation policy

If you need to cancel or re-schedule, please try and let me know 48 hours before the appointment time as all appointments are subject to a 40% cancellation charge if notice is given less than 48-24 hours prior to the appointment time and a 100% cancellation charge if notified 24 hours before or on the day of the appointment.  This is to cover the cost of the room, the lack of time available to re-fill the slot and the time taken by myself to prepare for the session.


Are you available for advice and support between consultations?

Yes I am available for email and or phone support. I do not respond to emails after 7pm Monday to Friday or over the weekend.  

Consultations and Programs

Diet Plan
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