My Story

In my early twenties I took a BA Honours degree in Research and Social Science where I completed a work placement and co-wrote a research project assessing the difficulties women faced when returning  to work after having children.  The paper was presented to the House of Parliament.  

I discovered my fascination with nutritional sciences when I worked as an IT consultant.  Often I felt stressed and 'wired' and I wanted to feel calmer, less fatigued.  The change I experienced astounded me and led me into my lifelong passion for studying nutrition, herbs, yoga and lifestyle techniques which have enabled me to greet my life with more vitality and balance.

A friend's health crisis proved to be a catalyst and I enrolled at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London where I gained diplomas in Nutrition and Naturopathy, achieving high marks in my assessments and exams.

The course consisted of modules including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, differential diagnosis, evidence based research and study, the use of nutrients as therapeutics and many hours of clinical training. It placed great emphasis on possible nutrient and herb/drug interactions and which natural medicines may be used safely with conventional medications. 

During my childhood on the Isle of Wight, I was lucky enough to have a family who loved to grow their own food, and I learnt to cook at a young age.  So I feel blessed with an understanding of the importance of good nutrition at a formative time in my life. I remember the joys of wandering barefoot to the sea and sleeping beneath the stars in makeshift tents.  I now enjoy my time between London and with family and friends in Devon and Cornwall, foraging and surfing the coastline, or lingering in food markets discussing where the produce has been sourced from, to buying and preparing and serving:  Something I feel we have lost a little in our relationship with food in today's hectic lifestyle.

I am a member of the British Association for Nutrition Therapists (BANT) and the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP) and I am registered with the Department of Health’s Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).  All are governed by strict codes of practice and professional training and research requirements. 

I continue to expand and update my professional development on clinical nutrition, nutritional science and naturopathy by attending courses, webinars, seminars, health conferences and events and subscribing to nutrition journals and scientific publications.  


Whats involved in a consultation:

Nutritional Therapy Initial Consultation


  • One hour consultation

  • Analysis of your 3 day food and drink diary

  • Analysis of your pre-filled questionnaire

  • An individualized nutrient and wellness plan

  • Recommended supplements (if appropriate)

  • Recommended testing (if appropriate)

  • Recommended referrals (if appropriate)

  • Handouts and/or recommended tips

  • Recipes and/or meal plan (dependent on package)

  • Email support

In this session, we will discuss your current dietary habits, lifestyle, what you want to gain from the meeting, goals and a thorough overview of your history and symptoms to build a tailored nutritional and wellness plan.

Nutritional Therapy Follow Up Consultation


  • 50 minute consultation

  • A discussion and review of your symptoms since the last consultation

  • A discussion and review of how you managed the plan

  • A discussion and review of any test results

  • A revised nutrient and wellness plan plus recommendations

  • A revised supplementation plan (if appropriate)

  • Recipes and/or meal plan (dependent on package)

  • Handouts

  • Email support

In this session we will review your progress and make adjustments if necessary to your personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan so you can benefit most from the recommendations.

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