Continuing professional development (webinars, seminars, conferences and clinical training days) - 2020

Nutritional frameworks - Biocare

Continuing professional development (webinars, seminars, conferences and clinical training days) - 2019

The When, What and How of Gut Testing - Regenerus Labs.

Bloods: Functional Testing and Interpretation - ANP - College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Successful Case Histories - Nutri-Link.

Personalized Approach to Managing Male Hormones - Genova Diagnostics.

Allergies - Nutri-Link.

Gut and the Endocrine Systems - ANP - College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Hashimotos and Autoimmunity Masterclass - Tanya Borowski - The Royal Society of Medicine. London.

Chemical Cascade - Detoxification Explained - Biocare webinar.

Nurturing your Nature - Biocare - Cavendish Conference Centre - London.

Methylation Connection - Biocare webinar.

Histamine Intolerance or Allergy? Practical ways to identify and address these conditions - OptiBac Probiotics.

Feeding the Microbiome - Biocare webinar.

Genova Methylation and Hormone Diagnostic Testing Practitioner Training Day.

Female Ecology - Menopause - Invivo Clinical.

Meaningful Change for Patients - Biocare conference - Cavendish Square, London.

Genova Lifestyle and Methylome - Methylation Panel and Epigenetics.

Continuing professional development (webinars, seminars, conferences and clinical training days) - 2018

Integral Medicine Part 1 - Institute of Optimum Nutrition.

Women and Hormones with Dr Bethany Hays - Invivo Clinical Education.

Oncology and Natural Remedies - Biomedica.  Association of Naturopathic Practitioners.

INTEGRATIVE HEALTHCARE AND APPLIED NUTRITION SUMMIT. 'Advanced Nutrient Therapy: Healing the Brain to Improve Energy, Mood and Behaviour'. William Walsh. 'Gut Makeover Results'. Jeannette Hyde. 'The Hidden Factor in all Disease - Using Medical NLP to reorientate your clients to healing and health'. Dr Khalid Khan.  'Evidence against cholesterol and CVD'. Dr Malcolm Kendrick.

Hpo-Axis Workshop -  Association of Naturopathic Practitioners.

Supporting Female Health and Hormones - Nutri Advanced.

Cytoplan Practitioners Roadshow London.  Using evidence based data in practice and how to interpret laboratory markers.

A Clinical Approach to Autism - Jo Gamble. Using tests used to uncover deficiencies and oxidative stress markers.

Introduction to Essential Oils - Association of Naturopathic Practitioners.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – A Complex Modern Syndrome? - NutriAdvanced

GUT HEALTH - IHCAN Conference.  Ben Brown 'Gut on Fire - Personalized nutritional therapy for Inflammatory bowel disease and Nigel Plummer 'Gut Health - the role of the intestine and its microbiome in wtilhole body hudalth and disease'.

Digestive Enzymes: Clinical Considerations in IBS, SIBO, Dysbiosis and the Leaky Gut - Science Enzymes.

Headaches - Different Forms and How to Manage Them - Solgar Academy.

Hashimotos - Putting Theory into Practice - Nouveau Health Conference London.

Sleep and Fertility - Solger Academy.

Bacteria and Bacterial Infection: Natural Therapies - Rio Health.

Inflamm-Nation - Biocare Adaptive Health Seminars Exeter.

Eco Shock: Gut and Imbalance Explained - Biocare Webinar.

Potential Mushroom Compounds as Immuno-modulators in Cancer - IHCAN Webinar

GI MAP: Lower GI Case Studies - Invivo Clinical Education.

Lactulose: Upper GI Case Studies - Invivo Clinical Education.

Implementing GI-MAP Stool Testing in Clinical Practice - Genova Diagnostics.

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